Here, visitors are from abroad

Tourism can take place in three different countries. It refers to travelling for the purpose of visiting one or more foreign countries for leisure or business purposes. Tourism can happen within a country as well. This is known as internal tourism. The country that provides the attraction is said to be the country of origin for this type of tourism. Another type of tourism is national tourism.

Here, visitors are from abroad. National tourism takes place when tourists travel to other countries to visit their home country. Another form of tourism is international Travel & Tourism. International tourism occurs when a visitor stays in a country other than his/her home country.

Tourism can be organized in many ways, for example, as a domestic vacation trip, a group trip, a business trip, etc. The purpose of tourism can be to visit one’s home, to spend time with friends and relatives, to visit places of interest, to study, to buy something, to be entertained or to travel alone.

Facts: Traveling is one of the biggest pastimes that people engage in. People around the world travel for work and for pleasure. They also travel to study different cultures.

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